Advantages of Wood Stains in the Yard

Besides the aesthetical edge of making your outdoor wood projects look good, wood stains have other more important benefits. On the face value, the stains have the benefits of convenience, saving some quick bucks, and most importantly, preserving your wood structures. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using wood sealants on your outdoor furniture, fences, and even decks:

Prevent rotting

When you expose wood to adverse weather conditions, it can be affected in various ways. If you’re using wood for outdoor constructions, it can start rotting, especially during cold months when it starts freezing. When wood begins to rot, it becomes less appealing and creates a hazard of potential collapse. The most common culprits of rot are termites, mold, and mildew. Moreover, once the rot begins, it’s impractical to stop the process. Remember, mold has a potential of causing certain illnesses related to breathing problems. Staining your wood structures and applying re-coats is one of the simplest ways of preventing your wood from rotting.

Protect from direct sun rays and moisture

When water enters wood, it not only begins to rot, but can also break. If wood keeps freezing repeatedly, it will finally succumb and demolish your entire wood project. Sunlight can also cause discoloration on the wooden surfaces making them very unsightly over time. Therefore, in the face of these threats you should consider maintaining the integrity of your outdoor wooden structures by sealing the structures with wood sealants.

Cost efficiency

Outdoor walking surfaces like decks are more appealing when you use wood as compared to other materials. But, due to foot traffic, the wooden walking surfaces undergo a lot of strain. Although you can use paint in such settings, it’s not very effective because it’s less durable than wood sealants. The paint can sustain the strain for a few weeks before it starts flaking away exposing the wood surfaces to elements of rot. On the other hand, the sealant is cheaper and lasts longer before you consider any form of maintenance.

Preserving aesthetics

Remember, the aesthetic appeal of wood is based on its natural appearance, and thus painting is not a preferable option for protecting it. When you use stain sealants, the grain of the wood will still be visible. Furthermore, customizing your project is very easy because stain is often available in a wide variety of colors and stints. Uncolored stains can also be used for a natural appearance.

Easy to apply

For the sake of safety and appearance, it’s not advisable to leave wood out in the elements without coating it properly. Stain is simpler to apply and maintain as compared to paint. Additionally, a stain can be applied without using a primer as is the case with painting, which makes the application easier and simpler. Although the maintenance of a heavily trodden wood steps depends on the type of wood you use and the climate of the region where the application is installed, re-staining the surfaces of the wooden steps will be necessary after every few years.

When comparing stain sealants with paint, you’ll realize that the former is more economical and longer-lasting. Moreover, it also lets the natural appearance of wood grains shine through on your project in an appealing manner.

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