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3D printing in schools and colleges – Explore the benefits

3D printing in schools and colleges – Explore the benefits

3D printing is an amusing and innovative technology, with a number of innovative and practical insinuations. The concept of 3D printing is the latest technology that gives life to your ideas.

In the recent days, 3D printing technology is readily available at lower prices and is slowly becoming accessible for improving the quality of education when compared to notebook printing. Printing in Sivakasi has taken to a new turn of events! The application of 3D printing in Sivakasi is becoming achievable and available for a considerate price to help in the betterment of our education system. Here are a few facts about 3D printing and how it can benefit in our education system.

  • Enhanced learning materials: Though notebook printing is old-school and is widely used in our education system, kinesthetic learners seem to prefer learning with aids and materials. 3D printing assists you in bringing any subject matter to reality as a physical aid to improve the student’s innovation, understanding capability, critical thinking skills, improving their problem solving capacities and helps them to sustain the subject in their memory.
  • Mathematics: some learners have problems visualizing numbers, math models, diagrams and graphs, instead of notebook printing, if in 3D printing can help better when he/she understands by sight and touch.
  • Geology: In the earlier period of education maps and landscapes in 3D printing could make learning interactive. In later years 3D printing can also be used to bring more complicated aspects of geological forms to reality
  • Historical Studies: Purchasing a Dinosaur bone in every school could be difficult, but creating their own artifact will help bring history to life making young learners gain deep understanding and an interest towards historical landmarks.
  • Generating Inventors: 3D printing technology makes learners a creator. Instead of just devouring someone else’s handiwork, they are encouraged to venture into the subject themselves. This initiates the growth potential of highly innovative prodigies who can achieve much more as they evolve.
  • Encouraging Artwork: Unlike notebook printing, 3D printing helps the student to become designers and creators of their own imaginations helping them develop the special reasoning skills of how to convert 2D into a 3D reality.
  • Encouraging introverts and reluctant learners: There are students who would do nothing to learn at all! But 3D printing has created an interest in such disinterested learners that it has developed a ‘wow factor’ among them. This helps in reviving college dropouts with a second chance, making learning more welcoming. Converting every notebook printing into hands-on materials for learning can improve the standards of education to a high exponential. There is a school employing 3D printing to re-engage studentswho had dropped out of their high schools, offering them a second opportunity to graduate.
  • Producing Responsible Citizens: Students who are involved in 3D printing also include themselves in social communities online and offline to get insights on such life giving printing. This helps in involving introverts into the social circle thereby giving them an opportunity to develop responsibility towards the society. Put this technology into the hands of students and you will watch them develop empathy, team work and problem solving skills that could help reduce worldwide problems. There is a school which developed ties between grade levels at your schools by collaborating up younger and older students to work over a 3D printing competition together. This school utilized the buddy system to allow their elder students perform and perceive the values of being a good tutor.

This wonderful technology is made available by 3D printing in Sivakasi at an affordable price for schools and colleges to ensure amusing learning experience for young achievers and to encourage every student, be it little Einstein or be it a boy who just wouldn’t put in efforts to improve in his subjects!

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